Saahil Mehta
Saahil is a Decluttering Coach, Mountaineer, Author, Keynote Speaker, and an Entrepreneur.

Struggling to balance his successful career over 18 years, family and a frantic feeling of anxiety, Saahil was stretched in all directions and lost touch with his true self, his authentic self and found emptiness and unhappiness in its place. This led him on an extraordinary journey, refreshingly born out of isolation. He now helps leaders overcome mental overload and reach their summit through a three-step process to live a healthy stress-free life with financial abundance.

He has been blessed to live in five countries across three continents giving him a global outlook. His goal, through my core value of non-violence, is to positively impact leaders to be more united within their organizations as well as all global citizens, and live in greater harmony with Mother Earth.

While trekking to the summit of the world's tallest mountains (Kilimanjaro (5,895m) – tallest mountain in Africa, Elbrus (5,642m) – tallest mountain in Europe, Kala Patthar (5,643m) - little higher than the base camp of Everest and Chopicalqui (6,354m) – a technical ascent with multiple steep walls in Peru), unmasked in an environment without judgement - his eyes opened to how happy he could be without being encumbered by the negative thoughts and opinions of others. This immense feeling of euphoria triggered his foray into overcoming mental overload. Decluttering from the material world, body, people and mind, in search of identity, focus and ultimately... living passionately. He used the learnings of decluttering and leading the teams on the mountain to turn his failing company and life around.
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