Portfolios of Indias Top 10 Superstar Investors

Here’s a look at what India’s top investors are holding in their portfolio.

1-Rakesh Jhunjhunwala –

Net Worth- INR 16,297 Cr

The Big Bull of the stock market Rakesh Jhunjhunwala is well known and the most successful investor in India. He is also known as Indian Warren Buffet or “The Big Bull” of the Indian market.

Rakesh Jhunjunwala was born in Mumbai on 5th July 1960. His father was an Income tax officer and actively invested in the stock market.  Mr Jhunjhunwala used to hear his father talking about stock market with his friends. It eventually influenced on him. When he asked his father about the reason for fluctuations in the price of a stock. His father answered him about the price fluctuations because it influenced by the news and advised him to read newspaper.

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala decided to make his career in the field of stock market but his father advised him to get a professional degree before entering into stock market so he graduated from Sydenham College. Then he enrolled at the Institute of Chartered Accountant of India. After completing CA, he entered the world of the stock market in 1985 with a capital of just INR 5000.

After this, he joined the Stock Market and started investment. His first big success was in Tata tea in the year of 1986 where he purchased 5000 shares at a price of 43 and sold for Rs 143 in just 3 months he earned Rs 500,000. After that, he invested in various stocks and earned profits which helped him to build his capital. Rakesh JhunJhunwala have invested big during 2001-2003 in stocks like Lupin, Bhel, Titan. Crisil etc.

In 2002, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala bought Titan Company Limited at an average price of Rs 3 and currently it is trading at a price of INR 1480. Currently, his holding in Titan is around 5 crore shares. He has an overall holding of 5.52% in the company.

Top 10 portfolios: Titan Company Ltd (7103 Cr), Tata Motors Ltd (1185), Escorts (812 Cr), Crisil Ltd (748 Cr), Lupin (709 Cr), NCC Ltd (617 Cr), Jubilant Pharmova Ltd (616 Cr), Rallis India Ltd (509 Cr), Federal Bank Ltd (362 Cr), Tata Communication Ltd (357), Delta Corp Ltd (345 Cr).

2-Radhakishan Damani

Net Worth- INR 127,235 Cr

Radhakishan Damani is a large investor and a successful entrepreneur in the country. He own the giant Retail chain ‘D-Mart’ which made him India’s fourth richest person according to Forbes. He is a proof that the qualification does not require to becoming successful in our life as he is only a 12th pass man with a wealth of more than 10 billion dollar.

Radhakishan Damani was born on 15 March 1954 in Bikaner, Rajasthan he belongs to an Indian Marwari family. RK Damani has dropped out of college while pursuing B.Com from the University of Mumbai.  Mr.RK Damani started his first business as a trader of ‘Ball bearing’ without any intention to enter in stock market but after his father death, Mr. RK Damani closed down his ball-bearing business and join his brother in the stock broking business, which was inherited from their father. At the age of 32, he enters into the stock market without practice knowledge. He just learned by reviewed and scrutinizing the stocks. At initial days he was highly influenced by Mr Chandrakant Sampat a value investor and top trader in India at that time. Mr Damani started Investment with a simple strategy to carry stock for the long term. He would see if the product has the potential that far in the future. Gradually, his judgment began getting right, and within the next couple of years, he was standing with the biggies of Dalal Street.

In the year 2001-2002 when the market crashed Damani grabbed the opportunity, he earned a good profit from HDFC bank, GATI, Blue Dart, Sundaram Finance, Gillette, and India Cement. At the same, time he realized to diversify his source of earning and he starts focusing on his Retail business which was open in the year 2000, In 2002, he started purchasing properties at different places for D-Mart. He bought some properties outside Thane and Navi Mumbai where property rates were low. Now the D-mart is a Hypermarket chain with 196 stores in 72 cities across 11 states in India as of 31 dec 2019. With Dmart, he has built one of the most profitable retail chain in the country while other players are struggling in the segment.

Top 10 portfolios:  Avenue Supermarts Ltd. (121,583 Cr), VST Industries Ltd. (1608 Cr), Sundaram Finance (654 Cr), India Cements Ltd. (640 Cr),3M India Ltd (454 Cr), Jubilant Foodworks Ltd (419 Cr), Trent Ltd (412 Cr), United Breweries Ltd (400 Cr), Blue Dart Express Ltd (232 Cr), Metropolis Healtcare Ltd (179 Cr), Sundaram Finance Holding Ltd (19 Cr)

3- Ashish Dhawan

Net Worth- INR 1,801 Cr

Ashish Dhawan is well known person in the field of Education and a large Private Equity Investor in the country. He regularly features in news channels related to finance and education. He has an experience of more than 20 years in investment business and also ran India’s leading private equity fund ChrysCapital. Mr. Dhawan is a founder of CSF (Central Square Foundation) and Ashoka University.

Ashish Dhawan was born on March 10, 1969, in New Delhi. He was an intelligent student and had always wanted to contribute his role for the development of the nation. He completed his school with high performance from St. Xavier’s Collegiate School. In the year of 1992, he began his career for Mergers Group at Wasserstein Perella & Co., a boutique investment bank on Wall Street at that time he was the only Indian analyst who was working with the company. By the next year Ashish started working at a private equity firm, McCown DeLeeuw & Co., at the same time he pursued leadership MBA at Harvard Business School. After finishing his MBA, Mr. Dhawan worked in New York’s blue-chip investment bank Goldman Sachs. In 1999, he returned to India when he was 28-year-old.  Mr. Dhawan started his own private equity with his Harvard classmate at the same time he started his own investment in stock market. Chrys Capital became India’s leading equity fund which lead him to one of the large investor in the country. After working for 20 years in the field of investment management, Dhawan decided to leave his full-time role at Chrys Capital to become a philanthropist. In 2014, Ashish Dhawan took another revolutionary step and founded India’s first liberal arts university, Ashoka University, with other 40 philanthropists. His investment style is focused on midcaps with good earning potential.

Top 10 portfolios: Max Healthcare Institute Ltd. (320 Cr), IDFC Ltd. (266 Cr), Birlasoft Ltd (252 Cr), Glenmark Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (157 Cr), Equitas Holdings Ltd. (139 Cr), Greenlam Industries Ltd. (126 Cr), Quess Corp Ltd. (109 Cr), Karur Vysya Bank Ltd. (107 Cr) Zensar Technologies Ltd. (83 Cr), Arvind Fashions Ltd (62 Cr).

4-Mukul Agrawal

Net Worth- INR 1280 Cr

Mukul Agrawal is a fresh entrant in top investor club of the country. Mr Agrawal’s success in stock markets comes partly from his style of aggressive investing. Mr. Agrawal is the few of them which also played dual role of long-term investing and trading portfolio. He is also amongst top trader in the country. Mr. Agrawal started investing in late 90s with his brother as an aggressive trader. He has been in continuous interaction with the management while investing in the company where he wants to invest for long term perspective. Mr Agrawal has diversified his Investment by investing in real estate properties also.               

Top 10 portfolios: Intellect Design Arena Ltd.(149Cr), Radico Khaitan Ltd. (78 Cr), Birlasoft Ltd. (75 Cr), BEML Ltd., (64 Cr), Sequent Scientific Ltd. (60 Cr), Delta Corp Ltd. (51 Cr), Neuland Laboratories Ltd. (50 Cr), Religare Enterprises Ltd. (46 Cr), Apollo Pipes Ltd. (43 Cr), Tasty Bite Eatables Ltd. (41 r).

5-Ashish Kacholia

Net Worth- INR 1251 Cr

Ashish Kacholia is another media shy investor who avoiding interviews and journalist. He is famous investor in India. As regarded for his ability to spot hidden mid- and small-stocks which he loves to invest. His ability to find gems in the market which hardly spotted by another investor. He began his career in stock market firm called prime securities as he was highly interested to make career in stock investment field. Then he switched to Edelweiss broking in equity research desk. In the year of 2003, he established his own stock broking firm by the name of lucky securities and also started his investment in a same year and from that time some of his stocks gave him 10 -20x return. He picked many stocks belongs to small cap companies which turn latter as multi-bagger.

Top 10 portfolios: Vaibhav Global Ltd. (188 Cr), Birlasoft Ltd. (164 cr), Poly Medicure Ltd. (142 Cr), Mastek Ltd. (83 Cr), Apollo TriCoat Tubes Ltd. (77 Cr), Religare Enterprises Ltd. (69 Cr), Shaily Engineering Plastics Ltd.(58 Cr), NIIT Ltd.(52 Cr), DFM Foods Ltd. (51 Cr), Apollo Pipes Ltd. (42 Cr)

6- Akash Bhanshali

Net Worth- INR 953 Cr

Akash Bhansali is the top 10 investors in india. He is well known for his stock selection skill and his portfolio is most followed portfolio. He started his investment with textile stock which was Zodiac clothing. Akash bhanshali is known for taking concentrated bets in the stock market. He follows his father Mr Vallabh bhansali as his idol who has set up Enam group in Akash Bhansali is risk taker and prefers to invest in unique companies which can pick trend in future. For example, Greenlam Laminates. There are not many Laminate company listed in stock market. Laminate’s market is pretty new market and is an emerging trend. It has direct competition with Paints in some areas. Akash Bhansali follows different approach of picking single company in a sector.

Top 10 portfolios: Laurus Labs Ltd. (200 Cr), IDFC Ltd. (163 Cr), Amber Enterprises India Ltd. (153 Cr), Prism Johnson Ltd. (93 Cr), Mahindra Logistics Ltd. (62 Cr),  Sandhar Technologies Ltd. (52 Cr), , Ramkrishna Forgings Ltd.(40 Cr), Greenlam Industries Ltd.(38 Cr), Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd. (35 Cr), Maharashtra Seamless Ltd. (34 Cr)  Polyplex Corporation Ltd.(33 Cr)

7-Nemish S Shah

Net Worth- INR 812 Cr

Nemish Shah  is considered one of the top Indian investors . He is the co-founder of ENAM Securities, one of the leading investment houses in India. Mr. Shah being media shy he keeps himself away from media and publicity even not presented in any press conferences after Axis Bank took over his firm. After ENAM merged its banking and broking operations with Axis Bank, he became involved in managing the firm’s treasury operations in the same banner of ENAM Holding’s Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Shah graduated from Lala Lajpat Rai College in 1977 which is under the Mumbai University and then he started his investment journey in the stock market in 1984.He co-founded the company called ENAM Holdings which was initially a stock broking entity. Then within few years, he entered the investment banking sector with this company. Just after the few months his company considered as top investment banks which deal to manage IPOs. Top IPOs Manage by his company such as Yes Bank, Glenmark, Marico etc. His stock- picking skills are extraordinary and highly interesting as he prefer to invest in traditional companies rather than tech companies

Top 10 portfolios :, Lakshmi Machine Works Ltd. (594 Cr), Elgi Equipments Ltd. (96 Cr ), EID Parry (India) Ltd. (67 Cr), Bannari Amman Sugars Ltd. (49 Cr), GKP Printing & Packaging Ltd. (47 Cr), Super Spinning Mills Ltd. (33 Cr), Zodiac Clothing Company Ltd. (4 Cr), Rane Engine Valve Ltd. (2 Cr)

8- Anil Kumar Goel

Net Worth- INR 563 Cr

Anil Kumar Goel well established his name in Dalal Street, 62 year old man now manages his 500 Cr plus portfolio. Mr. Goel originally from Amritsar, but later his family shifted to Chennai. He was a business minded and at the age of 13, Goel sold slow-moving steel angles to grape farmers from Hyderabad at a decent profit. He started his investment journey in the year 1990. At the beginning he did not get success as the stock market fall his family ask to pull out his investment from the market and start some other business but he refused and in 1993 his 5 Cr rupees turn into 20 Cr rupees within a year. In the year 1998 Goel included Eid Parry, SAIL, Tata Steel and Tube Investment in his basket which soon gave him huge return, According to Mr. Goel, the period between 2001 and 2007 offered the best window for investors to make money from the markets.

Top 10 portfolios:  KRBL Ltd. (117 Cr), Dhampur Sugar Mills Ltd. (108 Cr),  Dalmia Bharat Sugar and Industries Ltd. (56 Cr), Triveni Engineering & Industries Ltd. (55 Cr), TCPL Packaging Ltd. (29 Cr), Dwarikesh Sugar Industries Ltd. (26 CR), Avadh Sugar & Energy Ltd. (19 Cr), Vardhman Special Steels Ltd. (18 Cr), Vardhman Holdings Ltd.(17 Cr), Uttam Sugar Mills Ltd. (16 Cr)


Net Worth- INR 516 Cr

Vijay kedia is also one of the most successful investor in india. His name is very prestigious in the world of investment. He is an inspiration for those who are wondering about having success in investing career. He is a common person with superior intelligence. Beginning from INR 35,000 to 400 crores, he has become one of the most successful stock market investors, and his strategies and investment styles are followed by many investors. Vijay was born in a Marwari family, a family of stockbrokers. He entered in the stock market at the age of 18 years after his father passed away in 1978. He joined the stock market due to compulsion because he has to support his family business. In early 90s Mr. Kedia came to Mumbai, he has started his beginning from a humble background and lived in multiple rental flats. He started his investment with a amount of INR 35000 which he all money invested in Punjab tractors which gave him 300% return in three year then he put his money in ACC at 300 and sold it at a price of 3000 from this return which helped him in purchasing a villa in Mumbai. Later He has also found out multi-baggers such as Atul Auto and Cera Sanitaryware which gave him a hundred times return in ten years. He is passionate about singing also and now a days he has started singing on market scenarios which is quite popular among investors & followers.

Top 10 portfolios: Vaibhav global ltd (235 Cr), Tejas Networks Ltd. (64 Cr), Cera Sanitaryware Ltd. (52 Cr), Neuland Laboratories Ltd.(40 Cr), Repro India Ltd. (31 Cr), Ramco Systems Ltd. (23 Cr), Everest Industries Ltd.(17Cr), Heritage Foods Ltd. (14 Cr), Affordable Robotic & Automation Ltd.(10 Cr), Innovators Facade Systems Ltd. (8 Cr)


Net Worth- INR 401 Cr

Haresh Keswani is well-known name in Indian stock market arena. He is one of the top investors in India. His portfolio does not have any Pharma or IT company. Another noticeable thing about this portfolio is that he is focusing on packaging sector. Apart from this he has investment in cement, holding companies  and ceramic companies as part of his portfolio.

Top 10 portfolios: Kama Holdings Ltd.(178 Cr), Uflex Ltd. (121 Cr), Polyplex Corporation Ltd.(52 Cr), Nalwa Sons Investments Ltd.(24 Cr), Deccan Cements Ltd.(24 Cr), Garden Silk Mills Ltd.(1.5Cr)

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