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7 Challenges in Financial Planning

7 Challenges in Financial Planning


Do you picture yourself down and trodden with tensions especially at old age rather than relaxing and having a vacation? Financial planning is a process that can help you target your goals by evaluating your whole financial picture, then outlining strategies that are tailored to your individual needs and available resources.

Each one of us invests tremendous amount of our time and energy in working and re-working on our investments. What are then things that form the key challenges in our financial planning? Regardless of the tax we pay, the budget we keep for investments or the market ups and downs it’s time to move beyond the jitters and move to financial planning in a more effective way.

1. Lack of Savings

Lack of proper savings sometimes seems to be very difficult. We are unprepared and unknown to the logics of precisely how much money you should be saving today? Are you saving enough? If you’re like most of the population, you probably don’t know how much you need to be saving to achieve your financial goals.

It may be scary to face the realities of challenges to your retirement funds, but it’s far scarier to walk into an unexplored future without having prepared for the inevitable and unexpected challenges ahead.


2. Mountain of Debt

Debt is a huge issue among most of us. We find it really difficult to find a way for investments when all we seem to be is piling up the mountain of debt. The only solution to this is to make debt reduction a serious priority. Plan your budget with realistic goals and expenses. Cut out on unnecessary costs and make an investment in your future.


3. Lack of Knowledge

A major blockade in a smart financial planning is lack of knowledge, sometimes they are not even aware that a regulated financial planning can be a life safer in most of their life’s scenarios. It may look daunting at the start but with the help of the right guidance, tools and resources, you will be on the track to implement your financial goals.


4. Unfocused approach

Unexpected financial challenges are bound to arise in the future – in fact, research shows that 6 in 10 of us will at some point in life experience major events that will challenge their prior financial plans. The key to tackling these challenges is to be have a plan in place. Discipline your financial expenditures and make necessary changes at the right time. Build up savings so that you can handle unanticipated expenses without going into debt and putting yourself in a difficult situation.

Overcoming financial problems and difficulties isn’t easy, but by setting some clear priorities for yourself, identifying ways to achieve these goals, and persevering with your plan, you can overcome the challenges and at the same time, put an end to the financial stress.

5. Having no clear financial goals

Financial planning process doesn’t end once you invest at a place. Clear financial goals don’t sit and rest, they need to updated regularly and keep up with current state of economy.

You might also need to modify your plan due to changes in your personal circumstances or the economy. Clear financial goals adopt to any long term problems and unexpected situation, lack of them call for trouble.


6. Pseudo status

Lack of one clear source of truth is the major reason behind challenging financial situations. People have been for a long time been either on a hyper-analysis of investment by media and advertisers or been totally starved from it. But a straightforward planned strategy which seems naïve by comparison is in reality the best one.


7.  Un-habitual to reserve funds

Being strategic in financial planning can mean many things, and it includes building a buffer against uncertainty through reserve funds. Just as you need to budget for depreciation expense— to ensure that you can replace capital equipment when obsolete— it is a good idea to incorporate a reserve into your financial planning.

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