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“My Parents gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, they believed in me.”

Mother-Father are always our superheroes. They have taught us how to ride a bicycle, took us to school, taught us to work hard and who made us strong by being strict with us sometimes.

As a child there is no return for their love, their guidance, their support and above all their sacrifices.

But we can definitely give them the best for the rest of their life by giving them a secured future.

Many of us spend a lot of time every year on what to give them for father’s day or mother’s day or their birthdays or any other special occasion.

We buy gifts such as a watch, shirt, jewelry, dress, wallet, tie, belt, etc. A good gift is the one which is liked by the person receiving it, but a great gift is the one that is timely needed by the recipient.

In today’s world, there may not be a better fit to the needs of a modern-day father-mother. “We have come up with some ideas that you should consider gifting your parents for that special occasion.”

Gifting Your Parents - best goft for parents - Retirement Planning

Give a Stock as a gift

There is a new trend going on these days. Give a stock of your father’s favorite company as a gift for that special day. Gift a stock of your mother’s favorite brand of clothing, fmcg ect. Stocks hold their value better than more traditional gifts and even have the potential to increase in value.

Giving an individual stock may be slightly more exciting than a Savings Bond. Although both allow you to present an investment gift to your loved one, owning a piece of their favorite company may be more interesting to them—especially for someone who might have an interest in investing.

Gift an Investment Education

A financial advisor is a professional who helps you organize your finances and projects the results of your savings.

It can be a good learning experience for your father and hopefully inspire him to continue investing on their own. Your mothers have already mastered her kitchen strategy, fitness strategy and even a candy crush strategy. Now you can help her in mastering the investment strategy too by providing her tools and support.

Appoint one such advisor for your father and mother who will provide them right tools, guidance and education to take their investment future into their own capable hands.

They will also help your parents to make decisions with their money that will help them reach their financial goals as efficiently as possible.

Gift an appointment to your Father-Mother of a Professional Financial Advisor of Arihant.

Plan for Retirement

Your parents have sacrificed their comforts for meeting your needs.  The best gift possible for any parent is life without worrying about the regular cash flow.

Plan a retirement for them with a better investment option available in the market like retirement solutions funds & encourage them to invest for better after-tax real returns.

They may be or may not be aware of the effect of compounding on wealth creation, help them remember that number crunching to enable better decision making.

At Arihant Capital, we will help you in making a proper retirement plan for your parents with the best investment options that will take care of all their needs.

We will also explain the effect of inflation on the cost of living so that they don’t run out of regular income during retirement and also explain to them how regular stream of income can be managed.

Planning about Mutual Fund and SIP

Mutual Funds offer professional fund management, liquidity, and ease of access in managing wealth across equity, debt, and other financial assets. Setting up the right mutual fund portfolio customized to their risk appetite and investment needs will be a wonderful gift for your parents.

Mutual Funds also offer a systematic investment plan (SIP), an easy tool that lets an individual invest small amounts of money on a regular basis.

Therefore, a pre-decided fixed sum is routinely deducted from one’s bank account and invested into the selected mutual fund scheme at regular intervals based on the frequency decided by the investor.

This is how SIPs help to accrue a good corpus in the long run. You can gift SIP to your parents, a small initiative by you for their financial well-being, so gift a mutual fund investment (SIP) through Arihant capital.

What’s more, if your parents are in search of regular cash flow, for example, to pay for an EMI or for monthly expenses from their investment corpus, then systematic withdrawal plans (SWP) are yet another variant of systematic investing. SWP works similarly to SIPs. But, instead of investing at regular intervals, one gets to withdraw at regular intervals. SWP is used to redeem one’s investment from a mutual fund scheme in an episodic manner.

Gift your Parents secured health

Considering the rising medical costs and increases in age of your parent’s gift your parent health insurance which covers critical illness. The sooner you buy a health insurance, the better it is for your finances. “Plan for your parents” health insurance when they are still considered young parents as the increases in age pushes up the premium and gives restricted coverage to diseases.

Parents do their best to secure the future and well-being of their children at every step of the way. It is time one takes responsibility for their parents’ future and well-being too. So on their special occasion, help them grow their investments systematically for long-term wealth creation. 

 On their special day gift your Parents a “Financial Freedom”

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