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Unveiling the Mid-Cap Magic: Insights from Mr Vineet Sambhare, Fund Manager at DPS Mutual Fund

Unveiling the Mid-Cap Magic: Insights from Mr Vineet Sambhare, Fund Manager at DPS Mutual Fund

Unveiling the Mid-Cap Magic Insights from Mr Vineet Sambhare

Arihant Capital hosted an enlightening Zoom live session on July 7, 2023, featuring Mr Vineet Sambhare, the esteemed Fund Manager at DPS Mutual Fund.

The session aimed to provide investors with valuable insights into the world of mid and small-cap stocks, shedding light on current market trends and potential investment opportunities. Mrs Anita Gandhi, Whole Time Director of Arihant Capital, graciously welcomed Mr Sambhare and the attendees, setting the stage for an insightful discussion.

Positive Economic Outlook

Mr Sambhare began by highlighting India’s robust economic environment, underpinned by steady government policies and effective management of the COVID-19 crisis. He emphasised the improved quality of Indian corporates, particularly their balance sheets, creating a solid foundation for economic growth and investment opportunities.

Government’s Growth Initiatives

The Indian government’s focused approach towards various sectors, including manufacturing, investment, railways, defence, and infrastructure, has opened new business avenues. Mr Sambhare highlighted the government’s ambitious goal of increasing manufacturing’s contribution to GDP, signifying a positive growth trajectory. Such initiatives provide a conducive environment for businesses to thrive and attract domestic and foreign investments.

Market Recognition and Investor Interest

India’s structural strength as an economy has earned recognition from global investors. The country’s growth potential and improved corporate quality have led to increased capital allocation from both domestic and foreign investors. This recognition enhances India’s position as an attractive investment destination and paves the way for more opportunities.

Long-Term Investment Perspective

Mr Sambhare emphasised the importance of adopting a long-term investment perspective, keeping in mind short-term market volatility. He advised investors to reassess their asset allocation and moderate their expectations, considering the current high market valuations. This approach aligns with the belief that India’s economic fundamentals remain strong, ensuring sustained growth in the future.

Market Capitalization and Global Recognition

India’s global market capitalisation has witnessed significant growth, in line with the country’s impressive GDP expansion. As India continues its growth momentum, it will likely garner greater recognition in market capitalisation rankings. This recognition not only reflects the size and potential of the Indian market but also instils confidence in investors.


Final Note

The live session with Mr Vineet Sambhare brought valuable insights into the mid and small-cap segments, highlighting India’s positive economic outlook, government initiatives, and market recognition. Investors were encouraged to adopt a long-term investment perspective while navigating short-term market fluctuations. The discussion also emphasised the immense potential of mid and small-cap stocks in India’s growing economy. As Arihant Capital continues to empower investors with knowledge and opportunities, the session served as a stepping stone for making informed and fruitful investment decisions.

Watch the insightful session with Mr Vineet Sambhare; Click here.

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