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September 2015 Monthly Investment Newsletter: Decoded

September 2015 Monthly Investment Newsletter: Decoded

Investment Newsletter: Stock Picks - Trading Tips - hot Stocks - Hot commodity - forex trading

Investment is a serious business and while we like to stay serious when it comes to managing investments, it helps to lighten things up once in a while. It makes it easy to understand, discuss and manage your money. That is why our monthly investment newsletter, Value Plus, cover always starts with humor related to current affairs that may be already playing on every investor’s mind!

Once you move on from the cover page, Value Plus gets serious with economic numbers, technical analysis, stock recommendations and more. We decode Value Plus in this article so you understand your monthly newsletter better and make informed investment and trading decisions.

Value Plus is divided into following key sections:
Investment Newsletter - Stock Picks - Mutual Fund Picks - Forex Trading - Hot Commodity

Movers & Shakers
This section gives an overview of the markets previous month with a detailed last month market commentary including market movements, performance of different indices, key news and events that impacted the markets or may impact them in the future and important economic numbers like GDP, inflation, fiscal position and manufacturing index. This helps us understand how health of Indian economy and how it will impact various sectors and companies in them. The key global events and market performance is also briefed as anything that happens globally has its impact on Indian equity markets, atleast in the short term, and hence it is important to know what’s going on around the world. This is then followed by an analysis of auto sector and performance and sales of various companies in the month gone by. Tables with sectoral indices, global markets and key commodity performance and foreign and domestic institutional investors’ is also listed.

During the results season, the result updates of the key companies are also listed in this section.

Market Outlook & Stock Picks
The technical research team shares their technical market outlook for the current month with a brief on how the key technical indicators are moving and how will it impact markets. This section also gives Arihant’s technical and fundamental market recommendations for the month.

Currency & Commodity
For the commodity and forex traders our alternative commodity and currency research team provides recommendations on buy and sell side after a careful technical and fundamental analysis of the respective commodity and currency pair.

Key Events of the Month
An easy to read events calendar is provided to give you an overview of all key domestic and international events at a glance that can have direct or indirect impact on the markets and stocks.

Mutual Fund Update
What are the star fund managers upto helps us understand their market outlook that can help us with our trades and investment. This along with our mutual fund scheme recommendations is provided.

Please note that all recommendations on mutual funds and stocks are only for assistance, these recommendations should not be used alone for making an investment or trading recommendation. You have to first analyse your risk taking capacity, investment horizon and also do your own research before making any investment.

You can find the latest issue of Value Plus: Investment Newsletter on

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