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Super Heroes of The Decade in The Stock Market

Super Heroes of The Decade in The Stock Market


Health, Money, Wealth???

The decade has come to an end, and with the beginning of a new year and new decade, everyone starts thinking about New Year Resolutions. One of the key resolutions that every 7 out of 10 individuals think about is Wealth Creation. Thus, Arihant Capital Markets Limited has taken a resolution to fulfill the resolution of Wealth Creation for the investors.

“Expect the best. Prepare for the worst. Capitalize on what comes.”

In the Calendar Year 2019, there were many wealth creating opportunities which have led to huge capital generation in last one year. Consider the following companies and their returns:  

 WHIRLPOOL ——> 80.96%

HDFC AMC ——> 117.64%

       Reliance Nippon —–>130.40%

The above three companies are an example to illustrate the portfolio getting doubled in the 1-year time frame. If an investor has invested a total amount of 10 lakh equally distributed in the above three company he would have a total portfolio size of INR 20,96,667 which is more than double what he has invested. Thus, Arihant Research desk suggests that investing in a company which high growth potential can give you the best return on investment.

Consider the following three tables:

Sr.No. Company Name 1 year % Return  (As of  27-Dec)
1 Adani Green Energy Ltd. 264.29
2 Reliance Nippon Life Asset Management Ltd. 130.40
3 Aavas Financiers Ltd. 129.72
4 HDFC Asset Management Company Ltd. 117.64
5 Credit Access Grameen Ltd. 109.55
Sr.No. Company Name 3Y CAGR % Return (As of  27-Dec)
1 Indiabulls Ventures Ltd. 115.68
2 HEG Ltd. 94.48
3 Adani Transmission Ltd. 81.73
4 Bajaj Finance Ltd. 73.82
5 Deepak Nitrite Ltd. 64.54
Sr.No. Company Name 10Y CAGR % Return (As of  27-Dec)
1 Bajaj Finance Ltd. 63.42
2 Astral Poly Technik Ltd. 55.61
3 Ajanta Pharma Ltd. 50.88
4 Atul Ltd. 47.50
5 Eicher Motors Ltd. 43.00

There are more than 8000 listed companies in BSE but there are only a few companies that can be wealth creators. In the above three tables, we can again see many opportunities that have led to wealth creation for investors. If we look at the one year return Adani Green is the real hero with a return of 264%. However, if you look at 3 years and 10-year CAGR return, Bajaj Finance is the consistent performing company to list in the top 5. We are proud to share that this stock has been in our recommendation list and has helped create wealth for our clients.

 “If we command our wealth, we shall be rich and free. If our wealth commands us, we are poor indeed.”
-Edmund Burke

Thus, we can see there are immense wealth-creating opportunities, but only if you have the right stock in your portfolio. At Arihant, we help you create a portfolio that has the potential to generate wealth and maximize returns.

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