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7 Apps to Manage Your Money

7 Apps to Manage Your Money


If you usually run out of cash by the end of the month, then it is perhaps time to brush up your money management skills.Keeping a track of the money you have spent and the money you are left with is easier said than done.In every play store or App store you’ll always find a few personal finance apps. They are an essential component for managing modern life.

So, here are some of the best smartphone apps that can help you manage your finances, all of whom are available on android and Apple store:

1. Spending tracker

It’s a free and safe app for all android users, and one which you might actually use. Imagine wanting to budget your funds to safe up for a holiday or a latest phone! Well this app will aid you to everything you want to save up for and reach your goal with in your desired time.

2. Daily Expenses

Its merits lie in its name, where it keeps the track of all your incomes and expenditures on a daily basis. This is especially recommended for freelance project seekers. It’s really simple to use and keep records for later analysis and budgeting.

3. Monefy

Monefy is one of the easiest apps which use graphic representations. This app not only tracks your expenses, and aids your understanding with pie charts and various percentages that update instantly, showing you where your money is going. It’s simple, effective, and straight to the point.

4. Wallet

Wallet app is your personal finance data evidence in your pocket. It logs your expenses and incomes, uses the predefined categories or creates and analyses your money flow and would even plans your shopping list. This app would support multiple currencies, would automatically integrate your bank accounts, supports calculators, financial summaries and even manage debts.

5. Walnut

Wallnut app helps its users to track expenses and bills automatically based on SMS and based on those formats creates database to identify banks, merchants, expense category etc. Walnut automatically handling the data and converting into useful information with visually appealing results. It does not require any bank data, but tracks your ATM withdrawals and credit card and debit card expenses, and helps you analyse and budget without you putting in much effort.

6. Mobills

Mobills app has been integrated with some really interesting and fascinating features which lend it the much needed dimension.Presented in the form of an automated financial spreadsheet, the app has an intuitive interface which displays everything with clarity and transparency. All you will need to do is uploading and attach files of receipts and expenditures it also has added features to help you keep track of your family expenses through the geo-location feature. But the best part is where it has a section for you to plan out your dreams, and see how long it will take to achieve them based on the money you set aside each month.

7. Money Manager

From banking on the go to tracking expenses, the money management app will make managing your money easier. It’s a genuine and highly secure app as it never reads any sensitive data like OTPs and your data is protected with passwords, encryption and industry level security measures.

Be one step ahead, manage your money smarter and live life better.


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