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Top 6 Financial Magazines Smart Investors Should Read

Top 6 Financial Magazines Smart Investors Should Read

best stock market magazines india

“In my whole life, I have known no wise people (over a broad subject matter area) who didn’t read all the time – none, zero. You’d be amazed at how much Warren reads – and at how much I read. My children laugh at me. They think I’m a book with a couple of legs sticking out.”

– Charlie Munger

Knowledge is power, and it is supremely important when it comes to matters of money. It’s a well-known fact that most successful entrepreneurs and investors are voracious readers.

Earning is important, but even more important is taking good care of your money. Proper management of money is crucial to your financial well-being and to ensure you are financially secured at every step of your life. While you may have a good advisor to help you navigate in the matters of money and finances, as a smart investor, it is important for you also to keep up with trends – in markets, in industry sectors, and in the world at large.You need to understand the basics of investments, this way you can be assured your money is managed well. Reading and staying updated is the best way to do that.

The rise of the digital media has rendered traditional print useless for many. However, we still believe in the importance of a quality print publication. As an investor, nothing beats the power of a good magazine to flip through to get an overall picture of the economy, what’s happening in the financial and business world, to get tips on personal finance and investment advice. Basically, it helps you on top of your financial game!

A good quality financial magazine offers superior insight, analytics and reporting and comprises of an editorial team with names you can recognize as experts.

Best Financial Magazines and Stock Market Magazines in India

Keeping this in mind, we researched the best investment and financial publications for you to keep ahead of the curve. Here are our picks:

1.Outlook Money

Outlook Money magazines
Source-Outlook Money

With a focus on personal finance, Outlook Money is one of the best “money magazines” in India for the average reader interested in learning about managing their money, financial new and updates. The magazine covers advice on investments, financial decisions, and all issues concerning the wise use of your money. It covers news and current affairs, and expert commentary on the world of finance and discussions on all types of mutual funds, investment in equity, real estate, fixed income products, loans and borrowings, tax-saving investments and insurance.

The magazine frequently does features on personal finance-related topics by showcasing real-life case studies and stories. This can help every individual understand the complex money matters in simple way, offer them advice and solutions on managing their investments wisely and help them identify money mistakes to avoid.

Whether you are new to investing or a pro, this magazine will help you gain perspective on where to invest and how to manage your portfolio by providing content that is fairly easy to understand. Frequency: Fortnightly

2.Money Today

Money Today portfolio management
Source-Money Today

Money Today offers down-to-earth advice on managing your money and achieving your financial goals. For those who are new to the world of investing and personal finance, this magazine is a great way to increase your knowledge.

Like Outlook Money, it covers almost all personal finance topics under the sun ranging from saving and investing to credit and debt to home ownership, college, and retirement planning. The magazine offers plenty of articles on other subjects including stocks, mutual funds, insurance, and fixed income investing, which are to the point and very easy to read.This magazine also gives financial implication of various happenings around the globe, and the content is rather exhaustive compared to Outlook Money. They also have a very interesting Q&A section that could be helpful to a lot of individuals.

From the family of India Today group, that also includes Business Today (a business magazine we recommend on your reading list), Money Today is a monthly publication that is a must-read for investors.

Frequency: Monthly

3.Forbes India

Forbes India magazine
Source-Forbes India

Known for its ranking of world’s wealthiest individuals and most valuable companies in the world (and in India), Forbes is a great source of information for news and financial updates. Forbes India, the Indian offshoot of Forbes, is one of the go-to magazines for all financial enthusiast and investors.

While Forbes India reports articles on finance and markets, including market outlook, the publication is not limited to financial news. The magazine also reports of topics like business, technology, science, economy and law and the implications these sectors and industries have on the investment world.It includes not only the happenings in India but also in the world. It goes on to explain how these might have an effect on the Indian financial scene.

Forbes is also known for its focus on the entrepreneurs, new business technology, and even start-ups that are thought to have some impact on the future of our business culture to help you get a wider picture of the economy to make a better investment decision.


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4.Wealth Insight

Wealth Insight Magazines
Source-Wealth Insight

For a beginner, investment in stock markets can be really daunting. While you may want to pick good companies to invest in, you would not know where to begin searching for such companies and what parameters to look into.

Wealth Insight magazine is the perfect place to start learning about investing in stocks and discovering companies based on fundamental analysis, presented in an easy-to-understand and simple language. It’s a well-respected publication that offers market and stock analysis for those who want to pick and choose their own stocks.

This monthly publication provides market analysis, stock ideas, stock screeners with simple explanations and interviews of fund managers. It also features news-driven analysis and includes several different investment ideas based on the former.

Wealth Insight magazine is from the Value Research team and focuses on investment in stocks. So, if your interests are more in the realm of mutual fund investments, their other publication Mutual Fund Insight will be more useful for you. In addition to the magazine, the parent company also publishes daily e-newsletters on topics on investment, personal finance, retirement and money management that are very well-known in the industry.

5.Money Life

Money Life magazine Pension Plans
Source -Money Life

Founded by Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu, Moneylife financial magazine is aimed to educate and collate individual investors to become better at investing. The husband and wife duo are well-known journalists, with Sucheta being the former financial editor of Times of India and recipient of the prestigious Padma Shri for journalism in 2006.

Moneylife magazine focuses on stock markets, personal finance, mutual funds, insurance, wills and nomination and current affairs. They are famous for its careful research and extensive fact-checking.  In addition to their weekly online publication, they also publish an annual review of best stocks and mutual funds, that is very useful for investors.

What differentiates Moneylife from Outlook Money and Money Today is that you will find the articles in this magazine a lot more in-depth and investigative, and more content on stocks as compared to personal finance.Unlike the other two, you won’t find any case studies on the financial planning of individuals in this magazine.

They have exclusive features on companies, with an in-depth analysis of the company’s performance, financials, and stock movement.

Frequency:Weekly (digital)-12-months subscription: Rs 1,300


6.Outlook Business

Outlook Business -Paytm Business model
Source- Outlook Business

Outlook Business is a great source of information for business news, market trends and stock prices since 1995. The publication aims at offering sound understanding of the business dynamics to the reader and features economic outlook, and latest business news and their analysis.

The magazine also covers profiles of leaders of successful companies who speak candidly about the challenges they incurred while starting and expanding their businesses, and how their companies have grown and evolved as they’ve struggled to stay relevant to changing market trends.



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