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Apply for Gland Pharma IPO

Apply for Gland Pharma IPO

Gland Pharma IPO

Company Overview

Gland Pharma is one of the fastest growing generic injectables-focused companies by revenue in the United States from 2014 to 2019. It sells its products primarily under a business to business (B2B) model in over 60 countries as of March 31, 2020, including the United States, Europe, Canada, Australia, India and the Rest of the world. It has a consistent compliance track record with a range of regulatory regimes across these markets. It also has an extensive track record in complex injectables development, manufacturing and marketing and a close understanding of the related sophisticated scientific, technical and regulatory processes. It was established in Hyderabad, India in 1978 and has expanded from liquid parenterals to cover other elements of the injectables value chain, including contract development, own development, dossier preparation and filing, technology transfer and manufacturing across a range of delivery systems. It has a professional management team and one of its Promoters, Shanghai Fosun Pharma, is a global pharmaceutical major. It has 7 robust manufacturing units in India comprising 4 finished formulations facilities, 22 production lines, and 3 APIs.

Manufacturing Capacity

Over the years, they have made substantial investments in their manufacturing infrastructure to support their product portfolio needs and reach. They have 7 manufacturing facilities in India, comprising four finished formulations facilities with a total of 22 production lines and three API facilities.

As of March 31, 2020, they had manufacturing capacity for finished formulations of approximately 755 million units per annum. Their API facilities provide them with in-house manufacturing capabilities for critical APIs, enabling them to control costs and quality and mitigate supply chain related risks around their key products.


Gland Pharma’s financial performance (in INR crore)

Portfolio FY2018 FY2019  FY2020 Q1 FY2021
Revenue 1,671.7 2,129.8 2,772.4 916.3
Expenses 1,170.2 1,423.5 1,779.5 496.3
Net income 320.5 451.6 767.6 312.6
Net margin (%) 19.2 21.2 27.7 34.1


Gland Pharma Limited: Business strategies

  • Extensive and vertically integrated injectables manufacturing capabilities with a consistent regulatory compliance track record
  • Diversified B2B-led model across markets, complemented by a targeted B2C model in India
  • Extensive portfolio of complex products supported by internal R&D and regulatory capabilities
  • Track record of growth and profitability from a diversified revenue base with healthy cash flows
  • Experienced management and qualified team and promoted by Shanghai Fosun Pharma

IPO Issue Object

The Company proposes to utilise the Net Proceeds towards funding of the following main objects:

  • Funding incremental working capital requirements of our Company
  • Funding capital expenditure requirements of our Company
  • General corporate purposes.

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