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IPO: Indian Energy Exchange Ltd

IPO: Indian Energy Exchange Ltd


Company & Business Profile

Indian Energy Exchange Ltd (IEX) is a ‘power exchange’ offering trading in a range of electricity products in India. IEX is India’s largest exchange in electricity products trading category. IEX Exchange is an online trading platform which is accessible to registered participants. It promotes efficient price discovery and the opportunity to trade in a variety of electricity products. In addition to trade execution, IEX also offers settlement services, including electronic trade confirmation, access to clearing services and risk management functionality.

At high level, the products offered by IEX for trading include:

1. DAM (Day-ahead-market) – Electricity contracts in blocks of 15 minutes. The DAM constitutes the majority of the energy contracts that are traded on IEX. IEX has market share of 99.6% in DMA trading.

2. TAM (Term-ahead-market) – Electricity contracts for fixed terms in the future, such as intra-day contracts, day ahead contingency contracts and contracts up to 11 days ahead and

3. RECs (Renewable energy certificates)

IEX is amoung 2 exchanges in India that offer an electronic platform for the trading of electricity products. IEX has over 5800 participants registered on its Exchange of which over 3,500 participants were active as of March 2017.


1. IEX Exchange is an online platform. Highly scalable and proven technology infrastructure.
2. IEX is first and largest energy exchange in India with strong brand recognition.
3. India is fast growing domestic market
4. IEX has diverse participant base ensuring liquidity on its exchange

Object of the issue:

1. To achieve the benefits of listing the Equity Shares on the Stock Exchanges and
2. To carry out the sale of up to 6,065,009 Equity Shares by the Selling Shareholders.


The equity shares of the company are proposed to be listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and National Stock Exchange (NSE).

Apply in IPO now in ASBA mode, to apply call us at 91-7024471019.


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