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Ongoing IPO: Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited

Ongoing IPO: Advanced Enzyme Technologies Limited

IPO Advanced Enzyme

Company & Business Profile

Advanced Enzyme Technologies Ltd. is among top 15 companies in enzyme sales in the world and second largest in India. Company is engaged in the Research and Development, Manufacturing and marketing of 400+ proprietary products developed from 60 indigenous enzymes. Having more than two decades of fermentation experience in the production of enzymes, Rank among the top 15 global companies in terms of enzyme sales, and have the second highest market share domestically, next only to the world’s largest enzyme company Novozymes. It has six geographically spread and accredited manufacturing facilities to produce a wide range of products and help cater to a diverse set of industries globally.  It operates in two primary business verticals namely Healthcare & Nutrition (human and animals) and Bio-Processing (food and non-food).

Industry Overview:

Industrial enzymes constitute the larger portion of the world enzyme demand accounting for $3.6 billion in FY12. The global demand for industrial enzymes is expected to grow at a 5-year CAGR of 5.6% to reach $4.8 billion in FY17 and 10-year CAGR of 5.7% to reach a size of $6.3 billion by 2022. The strongest demand for industrial enzymes shall be experienced in the sub segments of food and beverages and animal feed.

Objects of the Issue:

  • The objects of the Offer are to achieve the benefits of listing the equity shares on the stock exchanges and to carry out the Offer for Sale by the selling shareholders.
  • The money from IPO will be use for repayment/pre-payment of certain loans, Incremental Working capital, towards debt repayments and Capital expenditure.

For IPO note, read , to apply call us at 0731-4217261

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