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7 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India [2021]

7 Most Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India [2021]

Successful women entrepreneurs in india

Top Women Entrepreneurs in India

It has been rightly said, the future is female! The days have gone when only men were the CEO & founders of large profit-driven organizations. This generation has seen some of the most amazing, powerful & inspirational women entrepreneurs in India that have changed the startup scenario in India and those we can all look up to.

7 Most Successful & Famous Women Entrepreneurs in India

We’re talking and celebrating India’s most successful female entrepreneurs. Here is the list of most successful startup stories in India led by women:

1. Falguni Nayar – CEO, Nykaa

Falguni Nayan is the founder and CEO of the beauty & wellness e-commerce platform – Nykaa. Before Nykaa, buying beauty products online was the least preferable but Nykaa has not only given a platform to small makeup brands, but has also given the women of India an access to a large variety of international makeup brands that are till date only exclusively available on Nykaa.To give you a brief about Falguni Nayar, she had a tremendously successful career in the field of financial services before becoming an entrepreneur who has completely changed the startup world.

2. Shubhra Chadda – Co-founder, Chumbak

Indian Women Entrepreneurs

One should learn how to derive inspiration from travelling all around the world into starting a brand that represents our country from Shubhra Chadda, the co-founder of a unique startup, Chumbak. She is one of the most successful ladies in India. Shubhra noticed that all the foreign countries have beautiful souvenirs that people can carry on their way back and not many stores in India offered that.

Chumbak is an online & now also a retail store that sells quirky products that look extraordinary and always have an Indian touch. On this day, Chumbak has over 120 retail stores all over the country.

3. Richa Kar – Co-founder & CEO, Zivame

A brand that solves the problem is what we all love. Previously, women in India used to face the social stigma of going to retail stores and buying lingerie.

Richa Kar studied the Indian lingerie retail market closely and co-founded Zivame, the first web platform that gives the females of India a large variety to choose from and also explore what’s right for them. The products get delivered to your doorstep without any hassles and they also offer an exchange policy that many platforms do not provide.

But not everything comes easily, Richa had to struggle a lot before making the platform a success but she never gave up.

4. Sabina Chopra – Founder,

In such a competitive industry where there are various leaders of travel portals, it is difficult to stay on top but Sabina Chopra, one of the most innovative tech women entrepreneurs in India founded Yatra, a travel platform that offers the best packages on travel bookings. Before starting the company, she had over a decade of experience in the travel industry. Later, she was also awarded as the winner in the Travel & Tourism group at the second annual Women Leaders in India Awards.

5. Sairee Chahal – Founder,

Sairee Chahal is a woman that believes in no limits when it comes to accomplishments. The founder of Sheroes, an app that offers useful health & hygiene tips for women and also offers the women of India a platform to speak freely on topics like sexual harassment that are considered as taboos in our country is also the co-founder of Fleximoms, a TED speaker & a mentor to aspiring females in India. She is one of the most famous women leaders in India.

6. Upasana Taku – Co-founder, MobiKwik & Founder, Zaakpay

One should learn how to transform their experience into an innovative startup from Upasana Taku. Before starting MobiKwik, she had a decade of experience in the field of Financial Services and she used her knowledge to provide a solution to the Indian audience. MobiKwik is a mobile wallet app that allows you to conveniently perform online payments like mobile recharge, shopping & bill payments. While working on MobiKwik, Upasana also discovered glitches in setting up payment gateways online so she also founded Zaakpay, a company that resolves e-commerce issues by offering safe and secure online transactions to its users. Zaakpay has been growing quickly and effectively ever since.

7. Richa Singh – Founder, YourDOST

In a country where mental health is not considered as important, there was always a need for such a platform that could easily solve the overlooked problems of the Indian Youth. Dealing with anxiety & depression is never easy and to this date, the number of mental health-related suicides has only been increasing. The Youth is afraid to speak up openly about their issues fearing that they will be judged and misunderstood.

This is why Richa Singh, IIT-Guwahati alumni founded YourDost, a platform that allows you to anonymously ask for support from professional counsellors and psychologists and talk about your issues. Not only this, the platform is open for 24×7 support and offers free services.

Successful Women in India: Conclusion

These women entrepreneurs remind us that it doesn’t matter what gender you belong to as long as you have the zeal to make a difference in the world and a passion to create a positive change. Such inspiring stories of Indian entrepreneurs not only motivate this generation but also create amazing visions in their minds.

The key is to never give up on your dreams and always keep innovating. The entrepreneurial journey may not be easy but achieving the best is not impossible.

Here’s to all the successful & Famous women who have made the nation proud and to all the aspiring women entrepreneurs that have big dreams.

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