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What’s New on Arihant Plus: Features & Upgrades?

What’s New on Arihant Plus: Features & Upgrades?

What’s New on Arihant Plus Features & Upgrades

As Peter Drucker says, the primary purpose of business is to serve customers. 

Based on your feedback and suggestions, we’ve added new features and improved a few things. Your support is helping us build Arihant Plus for you. Our new version is already made and is being shipped in phases. 

Here’s What’s New and Improved.

🍕Order Slicing

Now, you can trade as many futures lots as you like in just one click. No more hassle of manually placing multiple F&O orders; we do the slicing for you, making trading more efficient than ever. Learn more

🏃Exit All Positions

Time is of the essence in trading, and Arihant Plus recognises that. 

Square off all your open positions with a single click. We know time is of the essence; hence, we have introduced the “Exit all” feature under Positions.

😊Smile, please!

You can now upload your profile picture to personalise your account, giving it a more human touch. It’s a small but meaningful way to make your trading experience uniquely yours.

🏠Personalise your Home screen

Your trading journey should start precisely where you want it to. Decide which screen you want to land on the first time you load Arihant Plus. Set your default landing screen from Settings.  

📈Markets Section

Make informed trades with smart data in the “Markets” section, including Put-Call-Ratio, Rollover details, FII-DII activity in F&O and performance of all indices on one screen.


Stock trading involves risk. To ensure you don’t lose money in high-risk stocks, we’ve added an extra layer of safety that nudges you when you trade in stocks that are part of Additional Surveillance Measures (ASM) and Graded Surveillance Measures (GSM). Learn more.

👪Adding nominees made simple: Add or edit nominees to your account directly from the app through My Account’s profile section.

▶️Switch on Order Review Screen: ⏹️Switch off “Review order” through Settings if you want to place your buy/sell orders quickly in a single click or ▶️Switch it on if you want to review your order before placing so you don’t make a mistake. The choice is yours!  

Other Enhancements Improved and Fixed

Risk Disclosure Pop-up!

Futures and options trading involves high risk and is not for everyone. To safeguard the interest of our clients, and as per SEBI guidelines, we’ve added a Risk Disclosure pop-up before placing trades in F&O to ensure you understand the risk that comes with such trades.    

We hope these new features will enhance your trading experience with Arihant Plus. 

Make sure to update your app via Play Store or Apple Store to experience the updated Arihant Plus awesomeness. Web users will find the features after their next login.

If you need help, our customer support team is always happy to solve your problems. And if you have feedback on how we can improve your Arihant Plus trading experience, please share it here.

That’s it for now. See you soon with more updates!

Happy trading & investing! 

Team Arihant 

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