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Wealth Newsletter May 2020

Wealth Newsletter May 2020

wealth news letter

Volatility in the stock markets is the new normal. April was a month of ups and down with the markets finally ending the month with ~20% gains. In our May’s Wealth Newsletter we have shared the monthly market update, what should you do about your SIPs because we are all worried about our portfolios at the moment. There’s more…..

We have often emphasized on the important of creating a emergency fund, before we start investing and times like these reinstate its importance. Our experts have shared 5 ways you can build your emergency fund now.

Since we are all working at home during the lockdown, we may need tools and resources to improve our efficiency and make life easier for us. So we have shared some great tools for you that will come in handy while working from home.

Find below what’s in our newsletter, and make sure to download your copy now to stay on top of your money game and life!

  • Monthly Market Update
    In April 2020, Domestic market rebounded sharply with benchmark Sensex and Nifty Index ended the month with 22% & 19.5% gains respectively.
    Government has categorised area with Red, Green and Orange Zones and relax lockdown rules in Orange and Green Zone amid Covid-19 pandemic.
    Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on April 17 cut the reverse repo rate by 25 basis points (bps) to 3.75 per cent versus 4% earlier.
  • Working from home? Tools that may come in handy
    With the advancement in the technology employees can telecommute from home on days and enable them to work from remote workplaces.
  • 5 things to help you build an emergency fund from scratch
    Often, we stash away little amounts of money in products or accounts that we stop accessing and eventually forget about it If you are no longer in the formal workforce, then withdrawing EPF money can shore up your emergency corpus
  • Make your mutual fund portfolio lean and sharp
    Some funds may be consistently good performers but the their strategy and style may be too risky for the investor Holding investments in under-performing funds means that your money is working less hard
    The trail of Covid-19 destruction and a resulting recession
    According to the International Monetary Fund, the pandemic is expected to cause the biggest recession since the Great Depression
  • Wrong advice can upset money goals 
    The longer you take to fix your mistakes, the more difficult it becomes to achieve your financial goals
  • Your Panic Control Action Plan
  • Should I continue with my SIP?
  • What crude crash means for India?
  • What to do about Insurance?

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